Arnold Classic 2014

It’s a holiday season here in America but not four us who are getting ready for early shows in 2014.

It is already 12 weeks out for Arnold Classic 2014 and I just started prepping for it last Monday. It’s been only a few days but I feel very excited like a rookie pro!

I have been competing so many shows since 2005 and had not really had my body and mind rest. As all you know I had to take a long break to fix my injury this year and I really notice my body respond very well after this rest.

I also plan to try some new training and diet program this time…lets see how it goes!


2005年からたくさんのコンテストに参戦してきましたが、ご存じのように今年の春に手首の複雑骨折という大けがを負い、5月の手術後その回復のためコンテスト出場からは遠ざかっていましたがその休みが功を奏したのか今週から開始した調整プログラムに身体の反応もいいですね。 今回は新しいトレーニングとダイエットを試していきますのでぜひ結果を楽しみにしてください!



Photo by Anouck Asathal