2011 NPC Nationals Woman’s Physique A, 5th


I have been training with Hide for almost 2years and all I can say is… He is the best coach I ever had! With his guidance, I am going to get that IFBB Pro card soon. Thank you Hide!



This past July 23rd, I competed in The Mr. Los Angeles BodyBuilding Competition. Having not competed in 20 years, I thought it would be best that I get some coaching, especially since I preach to my clients the value of a coach and my services as a personal trainer. So I hired IFBB (International Federation BodyBuilding) Professional and Mr. Olympia contender, Hidetada Yamagishi. The value of his experience and knowledge helped me achieve peak conditioning for the event. Though I place 6th in my class, 1 spot short of a trophy for top 5, the experience and challenge of competing again was a rewarding journey in itself. Moreover, working with a Pro like Hidetada (Hide for short), pronounced Hee-day, added to my own 25 years of experience and knowledge as a personal trainer, thus helping my clients achieve more in their fitness program.

2011NPC Southern Cal Novice Middleweight winner


I had been competing some shows for a few years before I met Hide. I love bodybuilding and it’s my passion but for the guy like me has regular job and family, it’s not easy to spend my time and money to this hobby. Hide gave me the right training and diet program to reach my goal the most effective way so I didn’t need to waste my time and money to do try and error!

Right now, I am busy at work but never forgot the love for this sport. Hopefully I can step up to the next level with Hide in 2013!